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Best quality leads

Generating leads is easy. Generating good quality leads is a different story.

New customer acquisition

Having a good online presence means more than just having a good website these days.


We run and fuel many different online campaigns for many different services and products, but the most prominent ones are for

Sustainable energy solutions

Solar panels, solar water heaters, insulation, windows and doors, etc. More and more people becoming acutely aware of the money-saving side of sustainable energy solutions, which means more people are in the market for them. Are you looking for customers interested in sustainable energy solutions? Talk to us about growing your client base in this area.

Elective surgery

Today’s clinics and hospitals are increasingly open to elective surgery. But how do you attract the right customers? Whether you offer optometry, vision care or cosmetic surgery, Netofex can help you expand your customer base. Get in touch with us now.

Finance / Insurance

In the highly competitive and ever changing market of finance and insurance products you always need to be innovating and growing. People are looking for more security for their families and especially insurance has seen staggering growth worldwide. Talk to Netofex about an efficient strategy to tap into a new pool of customers in the countries you operate in.


We are always open to discussing new ideas. If you have a product or service and you are looking for ways to find new customers online, feel free to give us a call. We love nothing more than coming up with new and effective strategies for our partners. We have over 6 years’ experience in a highly competitive worldwide marketplace. Make sure you benefit from that to hit your growth targets – contact us today.


Netofex headquarters is located in Groningen, the biggest city in the northern part of the Netherlands. It is a beautiful and vibrant city, with a lot of buzz in low and high tech, online and ‘green’ areas. Many start-ups emerge here. This great breeding ground for new business in these areas is a result of successful collaborations between the government, educational institutions and companies. Don’t tell folks in Amsterdam, but Groningen really is the place to be in the Netherlands!

Netofex was founded in 2010 by Bart ter Maat, a young and savvy internet entrepreneur with a keen eye for results and customer focus. Joined in 2012 by Gertjan Koops van ‘t Jagt, Netofex has built a solid foundation resulting in steady growth and the highest customer satisfaction rates. Today, the Netofex team consists of a balanced mix of young, innovative and more senior, experienced marketing professionals, fuelling online campaigns for a wide variety of customers worldwide.


Founder, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Netofex

A Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics, Bart founded Netofex straight out of school. He is a true and innovative entrepreneur, always on the lookout for new possibilities and scouting new opportunities for Netofex and its customers. The world of online marketing has few secrets from him and because of his keen interest in new technologies he is often a pioneer in implementing new innovations in online campaigns. He is currently training for a triathlon and participates in 'Parkours'. He loves his family, his dog Bo and he wouldn't go a single day without having coffee.


Managing Director and Co-Owner of Netofex

Gertjan is the commercial brain behind Netofex. He started his professional career as Sales Manager at Dell. From there he ventured into the world of online marketing, becoming an expert in the business development. Since Gertjan joined Netofex in 2012, the company has undergone steady and very health growth while continuing to satisfy customers. Gertjan's philosophy is to always view and treat customers as partners with a joint mission, healthy and sustainable growth. Gertjan is a real family man with a love of sports, music and travelling.


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