Founder, Managing Director and Co-Owner of Netofex

A Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics, Bart founded Netofex straight out of school. He is a true and innovative entrepreneur, always on the lookout for new possibilities and scouting new opportunities for Netofex and its customers. The world of online marketing has few secrets from him and because of his keen interest in new technologies he is often a pioneer in implementing new innovations in online campaigns. He is currently training for a triathlon and participates in 'Parkours'. He loves his family, his dog Bo and he wouldn't go a single day without having coffee.


Managing Director and Co-Owner of Netofex

Gertjan is the commercial brain behind Netofex. He started his professional career as Sales Manager at Dell. From there he ventured into the world of online marketing, becoming an expert in the business development. Since Gertjan joined Netofex in 2012, the company has undergone steady and very health growth while continuing to satisfy customers. Gertjan's philosophy is to always view and treat customers as partners with a joint mission, healthy and sustainable growth. Gertjan is a real family man with a love of sports, music and travelling.

Lars Swieringa


Harry Waninge

Financial Manager

Erwin Schreiber

Media Buyer

Derwin van Rogen

Media buyer

Nicoradja van der Kraan


Marnix van der Heide

Senior Software Developer

Anne Knol

Media Buyer

Jaap Elzes

Media Buyer

Debbie Haagsma

Media Buyer

Kasper den Ouden

Front End Developer

Anne Arjen Keizer

Media Buyer

Wibo Lageveen

Media Buyer

Jan Mulder

Media Buyer

Robin Vuijk

Media Buyer

Maaike Kliphuis

Online Marketeer

Bianca Veenstra

Online Marketeer

Patty Groenland

Marketing Manager

Jerome van Beek

Financial Manager

Brandon Tilstra

Senior Software Engineer

Steven Braham



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